Randy McCown

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Bro. Randy is not new to Seminole.  He has just returned home. Randy was born in Seminole and spent various periods of his life in and around the area.  His family eventually returned to Seminole in 1969, and he graduated from Varnum High School in 1974.  Upon graduation, Randy enlisted in the United States Air Force. 

Upon fulfilling his commitment, he returned home and attended East Central University earning a Bachelor of Science in Education in 1980, a Master of Theology and Doctor of Pastoral Counseling from Andersonville Baptist Seminary.  Randy has been in either full-time or bi-vocational ministry for 45 years.  He and his wife, Glory, have one son, a lovely daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren.

In addition to being our Pastor, Randy is also a 5th grade teacher at Varnum Elementary School.

"I can really never remember a time that my family did not attend church.  During my high school days, I was very active at Twin Oaks Baptist out north of Seminole.  Having walked down an isle at a very early age and being "baptized", I thought I was saved.  I always thought going to church and doing all the things that a good church person was supposed to do guaranteed me going to heaven."

"Upon graduating, leaving home, and entering the Air Force my life style quickly changed leaving behind all the 'things that a good church person was supposed to do."  My wife encouraged me to attend revival services at Trinity Baptist Church of Ada with her.  The evangelist chose Matthew 7:21 as his text.  For the first time in my life, I came to understand that salvation was not about religion but relationship with Jesus.  Then and there God forever changed my life as I confessed my sin and entered into an eternal relationship with Him as my Father through the precious gift of His Son, Jesus Christ."


  August 2022  
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