Our church is committed to helping meet the needs of our community, as we have the resources available. Our main assistance ministry is our food pantry, which has served numerous families in Seminole County over the last year.

We look forward to serving you, as we have the opportunity, but due to our size and budget, we are not able to meet every need. The information below will give you some idea of the assistance that we can and cannot provide.



We have a food pantry consisting largely of non-perishable items donated by our church family for the use of people in need in the community. Our food pantry is available immediately after services or at other times by appointment. Please contact us to set up a time to visit our food pantry. Also, please bring a photo ID and a recent utility bill in your name.



We can occasionally help with a utility bill when a family has experienced a difficult circumstance. Our funds for utility assistance are limited, however, so we may not be able to help in every situation. Please contact us, and we'll be in touch to get more information. Also, note that any assistance we may provide can take a few days to reach the utility company.



With our limited funds, we are unable to provide assistance for rent or housing.


NOTE: For reasons of financial transparency, it is the policy of Trinity Baptist Church that we do not provide assistance in the form of cash and that all checks must be made payable to the utility company, etc. rather than the person requesting assistance.